The toddler classroom, designed for children 12 to 24 months, is housed in our infant center to create a home-like feeling.

Our teachers create a fun, active and positive environment that encourages sprouts to investigate their surroundings, like our classroom’s developmentally stimulating toys for exploration, play and discovery.

We want toddlers to have a secure, reliable routine balanced with quiet and energetic activities as well as dynamic learning time. Our sprouts classroom schedule includes outdoor play time on a playground designed for toddlers. Story time, music and movement, art, free play and nap time diversify play and development indoors. Our discovery centers give your child a chance for imaginary play, blocks, creative art and books.

Each day, our teachers read stories and sing songs to promote language skills and social growth. We also incorporate our weekly themes to introduce colors, animals and numbers. We want to support children to learn through play, so they know enjoying their time at Oak Tree Children’s Academy is our first priority.

Our teachers also encourage children to learn self-reliance skills like washing hands, putting on shoes and coats, and putting away toys. We are always there to help, but we encourage and praise each of your child's accomplishments.

At Oak Tree Children’s Academy, we're confident in the quality of our care and are proud to provide access to our classrooms. Parents can watch their children's progress throughout the day. Each of our classrooms is equipped with cameras that provide real-time monitoring through a secure online login. We also encourage parents to call to check on their child, give advice and consult with our teachers.