Our preschool classroom is designed for children aged 3 years and is set up to meet the development needs of this age group. 

In this classroom, the captivating weekly themes make learning meaningful while providing children with a strong foundation for success. We incorporate color, shape, and number and letter recognition into our daily activities. We also focus on problem solving, counting, rhyming, sequencing and predicting.

Our discovery stations throughout the classroom challenge children's creative thinking skills with imaginary play, blocks, puzzles, creative art, sand and water tables, science experiments, matching games, books and computers. Each station encourages children to progress at their own pace while developing self-reliance and self-confidence. Our teachers also incorporate theme-related materials that engage children and reiterate what they've learned each week.

In this classroom, our twice-a-day circle time encourages children to interact as a group and with their peers. Circle time includes stories, songs and active learning. We also use large motor skill toys like balance beams, crawl tunnels, slides, large bouncing balls and giant blocks. We want children to be active to develop coordination, balance, strength and resilience indoors and during our music and movement time.

But we also know it's important for this age group to be active outside as well as in the classroom. Preschoolers can play on our extra-large, beautifully shaded natural playground. Our table on our extra-large porch allows children space for outside arts and crafts, science experiments and snacks when the weather permits.

Our teachers want children to start grade school with strong pre-reading skills. Our teachers share about the student and listen to parents' concerns and education goals.

We always encourage open communication because we know you know your child better than anyone else. Oak Tree staff welcomes parental input, concerns and visits anytime. We believe preschool is an important time when children can focus on having fun while learning. We want your child to enjoy his/her time here and become close friends with our staff and other students.

At Oak Tree Children’s Academy, we strive for an environment that is loving, stimulating, creative and inviting. Teachers give lots of hugs, high fives, pats on the back and verbal praise because we believe positive reinforcement is the best way to build self-confidence and positive social behavior.

At Oak Tree Children’s Academy, we're confident in the quality of our care and are proud to provide access to our classrooms. Parents can watch their children's progress throughout the day. Each of our classrooms is equipped with cameras that provide real-time monitoring through a secure online login. We also encourage parents to call to check on their child, give advice and consult with our teachers.