Our infant classroom, designed for children between 6 weeks and 12 months, provides a secure, loving and developmentally stimulating atmosphere for your child.

Each family chooses their child's daily schedule and sets nap times, bottle times and play times for consistency between home and school. We also offer a separate, dimly lit sleeping area that allows better, uninterrupted naps for babies on separate sleeping schedules.

We want babies to explore confidently while learning at their own pace. Our teachers also devote time to rocking, cuddling and nurturing the babies.

We also believe children need the tools to grow physically, cognitively and verbally. Our teachers create an atmosphere that uses a variety of large motor toys to encourage development. We promote fine motor skills and exploration through hands-on activities like passing a ball back and forth, singing songs with hand movements and grasping small motor toys.

Our staff uses verbal stimulation to provide rich language experiences and interactions. We talk to your child, describe what’s happening, ask questions, sing songs and read.

We also introduce babies to American Sign Language — proven to increase verbal skills, broaden vocabulary and encourage communication earlier. Sign language also encourages cognitive skills by giving meaning to words and allowing children to make associations with those words.

At Oak Tree Children’s Academy, we're confident in the quality of our care and are proud to provide access to our classrooms. Parents can watch their children's progress throughout the day. Each of our classrooms is equipped with cameras that provide real-time monitoring through a secure online login. We also encourage parents to call to check on their child, give advice and consult with our teachers.